Ports North Project

North Coast Engineering & Mechanical were invited to tender to provide rehabilitation works to the steel fender piles at the Marlin Marine Cairns Wharf by Phoenix Marine Coatings

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Preparation of project management documents for approval including:

  • Construction program
  • Inspection & testing plan & final QA reports
  • Safety plan & SWMS
  • Environmental plan
  • Dilapidation report
  • Mobilisation & site set-up including exclusion zone, signage, access cages &
  • encapsulation
  • Removal and reinstatement of attachments
  • Surface preparation
  • Welding as per specification
  • Safe disposal of all waste materials to an offsite location
  • Demobilisation and site rectification

Required steps to complete a successful outcome:

Due to the nature of this project we were faced with many potential obstacles, such as inclement weather and tide times. We take pride in our organisation and job planning to eliminate or reduce inefficiency to any job. During this project the weather bureau was monitored daily and hourly if necessary, when tides were an issue workshop tasks were planned to maximise productivity.

Access to the job front was at an unsafe level over the side of the wharf, to ensure safety and productivity we designed and fabricated a work cage that could be lifted into position and moved to the next location with ease.

The project was extraordinarily successful, it came within budget and finished before the required end date. Phoenix Marine were happy with all aspects of our work, including, job organization (getting materials into Cairns on time to start works), the delivery and quality of the work undertaken and demobilisation.

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